For thirty years, Debby Ruskin has designed gardens tailored to her clients’ taste and lifestyle. Her gardens are people centric, typically traditional in style, with an emphasis on regionally appropriate water-wise planting. Debby completed a certificate in Ornamental Horticulture from Foothill College in 1983 and in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley in 1992. She currently serves on the national board of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

FINE GARDENING (min $484 for half-day)

We supplement your mow & blow service providing skilled gardening with an eye for your designer's intent. We nurture what's working and fix what isn't so that you can protect your investment in your landscape. Most clients contract with us quarterly or monthly to address irrigation, aesthic pruning, weeding, soil health, pest control, and in-fill planting.

LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT (min $600 per month)

We take care of award winning gardens up and down the Peninsula. If you want everything handled by a single company, we can manage all of the exterior maintenance of your home.